Amletical Places (Castle)

Net construction suspended between branches and ground. The tent was developed while it was built.

Materials: Net (PE), line (polykordel), bamboo pegs.


The Castle was one of three tents that I constructed during the Paessaggio.Art.Landscape Festival

in Biella, Italy, March 11 to 19. The festival was arranged by Marie-Rose Mayele and Anne-Beth Schuurmans - Compagnie sQueezz.


Eigth artists from Italy and Northern Europe met and developed four pieces of art in the landscape. Together with Italian performer and director Simone Severgnini I developed the tents as a part of a short play about yearning and doubt. In the Castle Simone recited a poem (part) by Giacomo Leopardi.













Sun Disc

Soundabsorbing element

for Louis Poulsen A/S


















Awarded the Bindesbøll Medal

by Akademirådet, March 30, 2017














Nominated for The Nordic Award

in Textiles 2017